Nii Armah has over 25 years of industrial experience with a portfolio of high-level engagements in public and private sector works. He holds BA (Hons.), two Masters Degrees, LLB and a Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice (PGDLP) and a PhD Candidate. Nii had a stint with the International Criminal Court, Rwanda as a legal intern.


Nii Armah has a passion for excellence and never comfortable with things done half. He strives to meet corporate objectives and distinguishes himself as a fine thinker with diverse skills for success. His biggest gait is his ability to multitasking and independently working without supervision. He is a great team player with a sense of humour and has emotional intelligence. His leadership skill is consummate. Nii


Nii has served on numerous National Committees in Education and facilitated numerous corporate training programmes with participants not limited from the following sectors; manufacturing, oil marketing, insurance, hospitality, accounting, banking, health, entertainment, event management, information technology, printing and publishing, and education. He has delivered papers at summits and conferences in Ghana and abroad.


African Information Technology Exhibitions & Conferences (AITEC), Microsoft License and Sales Specialist.


SAAP-TECH, Marketing Manager


DEON 2000 Limited, General Manager.


Grundig, Country representative.


Academic City College, Lecturer and member of the Governing Council, Academic Board, Research Committee and Head of Training, Placement and Alumni


International Journal of ICT & Management (IJICTM), Member of the Editorial Board.


Embark on a journey through the eyes of Nii Armah Addy, where every horizon holds a new story, and each path weaves a tapestry of unforgettable memories. From bustling city streets to tranquil natural wonders, join in the discovery of hidden gems and heartfelt moments that transcend borders and cultures.

From Abuja to Zaria and back to Accra

We spent three days in Abuja and continued to Zaria the next day to visit one of the construction sites of my uncle. How much money he will give me on my return to Accra kept ringing in my mind though I had no idea, was highly expectant though I did not intend to spend it at Papillon like my cousin used to do. We spent two nights between on the journey from Abuja to Zaria. It was so fun a good touristic experience. My uncle was happy to be showing the country and most of all his projects. In Abuja, his architectural designs, supervision and construction of the Stallion

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Inside Nigeria

I spent three days in Lagos and left to Abuja. I enjoyed it. The enjoyment over took the thought of stress on the road from Ghana to Nigeria. Even the experience of the newspaper seller, okada riders and the sound of generators at night were all gone.  My uncle’s wife was a good host. Her conversation was tantamount to a stand-up comedy. The Nigerian love for Ghana knew no bound. She told how a beverage company in Lagos close to their house blasted and was by then drinking a bottle of Guinness after a meal. In her words “that day, I heard the sound from the brewery kpooooo… na me

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Kenya Notes – From Langata Estates to River Road

On the glorious morning, we took off from Langata Estates to River Road, Nairobi where I was to board a bus to Nyabugogo, Kigali. It turned out to be complex and longer a journey than I had rather expected. I got to Nyabugogo tired and worn out. My host in Nairobi, Nii Kenny was one of the best I have seen of a Ghanaian abroad. His opened arms and willingness to ensure my comfort emphasized the Ga (native people of Accra, the capital city of Ghana) folklore slogan and practice “may strangers be added unto us.” Like myself, he is a Ga whose international employment has taken him to Kenya

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With over 25 years of industry experience, I will contribute massively to you and your business' growth.

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